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What health insurance is right for you?

Private Health Insurance Exchange

Let our licensed and certified health care reform insurance advisors help you obtain health insurance in just a few easy steps.

1. Determine if you are eligible for a health insurance subsidy on your state’s marketplace exchange, and how much your subsidy will be.

2. Explain the benefits, features and costs of health insurance plans that are available to you on the exchange.

3. If health insurance coverage through the exchange fits your needs and budget, we’re here to help you through the enrollment process.

4. If you are not eligible for a subsidy or if marketplace plans are not the right fit for you, we can still help! We have access to other health insurance plans that could meet your lifestyle and budget.

Let us help you chart a course to the best coverage solution that meets the needs of you and your family.

IHC Specialty Benefits is a privately run licensed marketing agency, and is not affiliated with the federal Marketplace or