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Our Mission

The IPA Family mission is simple. We want to help you be in business for yourself, but not by yourself! Our organization works with motivated individuals, from all walks of life, that strive to find a career and not just a job. The IPA Family mission is to build sales professionals and we do so by providing continuous training, established partner relationships, and motivating incentives!

Who we are

Who We Are

IPA Family, LLC is a national marketing organization and established consumer direct sales agency with approximately 250 agents that distributes family and individual major medical insurance plans and ancillary products (including short-term medical, vision, dental, supplemental products (including fixed indemnity limited benefit, critical illness, and hospital indemnity) and small group stop-loss) for The IHC Group, an organization of insurance carriers and marketing and administrative affiliates and the majority owner of IPA. In addition, it has begun to write major medical through well-known national insurance companies. IPA's trained professional sales associates provide information and a product portfolio that can meet the needs of many small business owners and self-employed individuals and families. Headquartered in Tampa, FL, IPA is accredited and has an excellent reputation with the Better Business Bureau (

What we do

What We Do

Our advisors and the marketplaces they serve can be summed up in a single word - relationships! We know that relational sales are something you do for someone, not to someone, and that business attitude is so critical when building relationships with those we serve. Serving others just like ourselves is what we have in common with our customers! Regardless of what solution someone invests in for themselves or their family, there is a common theme that we take great pride in. We ensure that every solution provides peace of mind, that if an unforeseen event occurs, their American dream of owning a business, home or both is not jeopardized.

Who we serve

Who We Serve

IPA Family genuinely believes that each advisor and their families are our primary customers! We have built a nationwide team of advisors that have a platform to advise their customers with insurance solutions. We know, through decades of serving others, that when we pour consistent care, concern and attention into our IPA Family associates, they transfer this respected processes into the marketplace customers they interact with every single day. When this is conducted in a predictable and consistent manner it creates the first class, top notch, relational approach to the marketplace the IPA Family is known for. This is the approach that ensures that our core principals, beliefs and culture stay firmly intact as we continue to grow and expand across the country.

Opportunities with IPA

Why Advise with Us?


IPA Family advisors have the opportunity to achieve financial freedom and independence of their time. We provide you with the tools you need to build your own business. IPA Family can provide the right individuals the opportunity to earn significant wealth while being a wealth of significance serving other small business owners. If you are a self-motivated, character driven, integrity-based individual, then we strongly encourage you to learn more about the IPA Family career opportunity.

We provide numerous platforms for our advisors to accelerate their opportunity for success. Online, classroom and field training programs; Personalized business cards, e-mail, and website presence; Extensive product solution portfolios; Proven marketing strategies and presentation skills; Leadership development and professional growth opportunities and proprietary leads program.

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