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What short-term insurance solution is right for you?


The Obamacare health insurance exchanges closed on March 31, 2014. But you still have options! If you did not enroll in a health insurance plan prior to the deadline, you can enroll in a temporary health insurance plan for 30-180 days, and in some states, up to 364 days. Here are some reasons why temporary health insurance may be the right type of coverage for you:

  • Low-cost and adaptable
    Affordable insurance for as few as 30 days or as many as 364 days, depending on your state. Some states also let you reapply for coverage once your policy expires, so you can have coverage as needed.
  • Network-free
    Temporary health insurance provides protection for unexpected medical expenses, accidents or illness, with any doctor or hospital you choose.
  • Safety net
    Uninsured? With copay and deductible options, temporary health insurance can provide coverage on a short term basis, protecting you from the unexpected.

Temporary health insurance is a short-term plan designed for individuals who don’t currently have health insurance. Temporary policies do not cover pre-existing conditions. Temporary health insurance is also not considered minimum essential coverage under the Affordable Care Act (also called Obamacare), and even if you enroll in and maintain temporary coverage you may NOT be exempt from the Shared Responsibility Payment (tax) that may otherwise apply for not having qualifying health insurance.

Secure Lite offers short-term coverage with affordable premium achieved through carefully selected benefit limitation.

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