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Designed to ease financial burden of out-of-pocket costs, Metal Gap proves popular in open enrollment

Posted Jan 27, 2015 by Author

IHC’s Chief Operating Officer David Kettig said Metal Gap, a gap health insurance product from The IHC Group, is a big seller during open enrollment, with coverage that’s more comprehensive than similar competitor products.

Kettig explained that Metal Gap is designed to offset costs associated with Obamacare high deductible health plans. Many Metal Gap plans can be purchased for as little as $30 per month. Metal Gap provides a lump sum payment after an accident (up to $6,350) or upon onset of a covered critical illness (up to $7,500.

Metal Gap is a supplemental product that’s purchased in conjunction with major medical insurance or short term medical insurance. Through Healthedeals.com, a marketing site operated through IHC Specialty Benefits, a subsidiary of The IHC Group, consumers can get a quote and buy affordable, comprehensive high-deductible major medical plans through several carriers. Consumers can also take advantage of the one-stop shop to purchase short term medical insurance coverage and supplemental products like critical illness coverage, dental insurance and Metal Gap.

To hear more of Kettig’s comments on health insurance-related topics, watch the following videos:

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