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See your estimated Obamacare major medical premium…and any tax-credit related savings! Our Health Care Reform Calculator gives a glimpse

Posted Jan 23, 2015 by Author

Hearing what you’ll pay for your health insurance premium could mean phone calls, appointments and paperwork. No more. Instantly, our Health Care Reform Calculator1 estimates:

  1. Your Obamacare major medical premium;
  2. An estimated tax credit that may significantly lower your annual premium amount; and
  3. The fine assessed if you opt out of coverage2.

Just visit our Health Care Reform Calculator, and enter:

  1. Your zip code;
  2. Ages of you and any family members; and
  3. Your income level

Immediately, you’ll see an estimate of your annual premium amounts under four varied-level insurance plans—Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum—as well as money-saving tax credit information and the opt-out penalty amount.

What if your income changes? Just scroll along the “Taxable Income” bar. You’ll see adjustments in premium amounts, based on your salary increases or decreases.

Please note: This Calculator does not apply to those with ACA-compliant coverage available through an employer.

We have included some illustrative scenarios, but please note that scenarios vary depending on state, age(s) and income. Trish, 27, is a single Michigan resident who earns $40,000 a year. Her annual premiums through the Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum levels range from $1,936 to $2,905. Based on her income, Trish does not qualify for a tax credit. The penalty she will pay if she chooses not to get coverage is $800 annually.

Wyoming residents Joe and Fran are 52 and 50, respectively. The couple earns a combined income of $74,000 a year. Their annual premiums at the four levels range from $12,828 to $19,241. However, because of their income and other factors, they receive a tax credit of $7,936. This significantly lowers their actual premium costs to between $4,892 to $11,306. Their per-year penalty for opting out is $1,480.

Maggie is 33. Her husband, Brad, is 37. They have two children, ages 8 and 5. Maggie is a stay-at-home mom. The Florida family relies on Brad’s annual salary of $61,000. Their premiums range from $8,608 to $12,912, but their $5,041 tax credit lowers those amounts by a great deal—to a range of $3,567 to $7,871. The family will pay a $1,220 penalty if they opt out.

What if Maggie goes back to work, and her salary increases the family income to $106,000? The higher income means the family will not receive a tax credit. Thus, their premium costs will be $8,608 to $12,912. Their opt-out penalty amount also rises, from $1,220 to $2,120.

Curious? Input your information to see your estimated premiums …as well as an impactful tax credit amount that may save you big!

Try our Health Care Reform Calculator!

1The Health Care Reform Calculator tool provides an estimate based on the information provided by you and should be used only as a helpful guide and an educational tool. There are many factors that will/can influence your final household income. Your household income is a key component in the calculation of your premium subsidy eligibility. Please talk to your tax agent or financial advisors before making any decisions. Healthedeals.com holds no responsibility for decision made from using this educational tool.

2 Under certain circumstances, when health insurance isn’t considered affordable for you, you may be granted a hardship waiver that allows you to go without health insurance and avoid paying a penalty. Some common reasons you might be granted a hardship waiver (or hardship exemption, as it’s sometimes called) include: You were homeless; You recently experienced domestic violence; You filed for bankruptcy in the last six months; You are ineligible for Medicaid because your state did not expand eligibility for Medicaid; You’ve been evicted in the past six months or were facing eviction or foreclosure; You recently experienced the death of a close loved one or you’ve experienced significant debt in caring for an aging or disabled loved one.