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Infographic: I Need Coverage Now. Which Non-ACA Health Plan is Right for Me?

Infographic: I Need Coverage Now. Which Non-ACA Health Plan is Right for Me?

Posted Sep 12, 2017 by Jenifer Dorsey

How to Choose Between Short Term Medical, Supplemental or Bundled Benefits

Maybe you already have an Obamacare plan, or perhaps you are in between major medical policies and do not qualify for a special enrollment period to buy health insurance at this time. Whatever your situation, you’re probably reading this piece because you’re looking for ways to help make healthcare costs more affordable.

There are a lot of coverage options that can help you lessen what you pay out of pocket for medical care—short term medical, supplemental and bundled products to name a few. While these plans are not ACA-compliant and do not coordinate with major medical policies, they can be helpful to have in addition to your major medical health insurance plan or while you are waiting to begin one.

Use this infographic to help guide you to a product that matches your healthcare needs and budget.

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