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Is Short Term Health Insurance Enough? 2 Plans to Supplement Your Temporary Benefits

Is Short Term Health Insurance Enough? 2 Plans to Supplement Your Temporary Benefits

Posted Dec 30, 2015 by Jenifer Dorsey

Are you in between Obamacare plans? Maybe you are thinking about enrolling or have already enrolled in short term health insurance coverage, which is also known as temporary health insurance. This can be a smart move because it means having some financial protection from potentially high medical bills until your next major medical policy takes effect.

While short term health insurance plans can be helpful when you are temporarily uninsured, you may find value in additional coverage that helps lower what you pay out of pocket for healthcare. Here are two types of supplemental health benefits that may pair well with your short term health insurance benefits—and you can even keep them once you have ACA-compliant major medical insurance: 

1. Telemedicine

Short term health insurance plans provide benefits for a range of unexpected healthcare expenses. Much like major medical insurance, short term policies include a deductible that must be met before the plan starts paying benefits.

As such, short term coverage tends to be especially helpful with larger healthcare costs—although, many plans do include benefits for doctor office visits. When you need medical attention for less serious conditions like a sinus infection, pink eye or allergies, you may find it beneficial to have a telemedicine plan.

Telemedicine provides over-the-phone health consultations with licensed physicians—anytime of day, any day of the year, wherever you have access to a phone. The Telemedicine package available through healthedeals.com starts at $12.50 per month for an individual.[1]

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2. Medical gap insurance

Unexpected healthcare expenses can cause financial strain for many households, whether they have an Obamacare plan or short term coverage. Medical gap insurance is a type of supplemental insurance coverage that offers some financial relief when you incur large medical bills.

Medical gap plans such as Metal Gap and Metal Gap 2, which are available through healthedeals.com, pay a lump sum benefit when a covered accident or illness occurs. You can use the payment toward your short term or major medical insurance deductible, copay, coinsurance, household and travel expenses, childcare and more. Whether you break a leg or get diagnosed with a critical illness while in between Obamacare plans, medical gap insurance can help with these out-of-pocket expenses.

Visit healthedeals.com to learn more about Metal Gap and Metal Gap 2. While you are there, get a quote to determine which products are available in your state.

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[1] Based on healthedeals.com quote from Dec. 18, 2015.