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The IHC Group’s New Short Term Medical Plans Deliver Robust Healthcare Coverage that Bridges the Gap between Open Enrollment Periods

Posted Jan 21, 2015 by Author

20-year STM Experience Results in Affordable Plans with Broader Network Access via Major National Carrier Partnership

Minneapolis, MN Jan. 27, 2015 – The IHC Group announces Connect Net, a new Short Term Medical (STM) plan underwritten by Independence American Insurance Company (IAIC). Combining IHC’s 20-year experience in administering and underwriting STM, Connect Net plans are designed for consumers who want protection from the financial impact of an unexpected claim while they are waiting for a permanent major medical plan to become effective.

Benefits of Connect Net include affordability and broader network access versus the standard STM plans thanks to IHC’s partnership with a national carrier. It also features an office visit copayment, copayments for prescription drugs and a $2,000,000 coverage limit per policy period.

“One of the most common questions we are asked on our website, www.healthedeals.com, is what are the enrollment deadlines for an Obamacare plan,” said Dave Keller, Chief Marketing Officer of IHC Specialty Benefits. “Many people are procrastinators, and they are surprised to find out when they are ready to enroll for a permanent plan that the start date for their Obamacare policy can be as much as 45 days from the day they apply. Short Term Medical is a great way to provide financial protection during that period in case the unexpected happens.”

Consumers can choose a monthly pay option for their short term medical needs, or a pre-payment option for up to 180 days. These plans are not designed to replace Obamacare coverage, but to bridge the gap between open enrollment periods.

Enrollment for Connect Net can be done entirely on-line with the help of a licensed insurance agent, or by calling 888-452-6522. For more information on Connect Net, click here.