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Video: How Can I Reduce My Medical Bills?

Posted Jul 02, 2015 by Author

Have you ever avoided going to the doctor because you weren’t sure it was worth the medical bills? You’re not alone. According to a recent study released by Families USA, 1 in 4 Americans who were insured for a full year went without needed medical care because they could not afford it.1 Similarly, a recent Kaiser Family Foundation poll showed that 38 percent of non-group enrollees with ACA-compliant health insurance plans felt vulnerable to high medical bills.

The reality is that when consumers select health insurance plans with low monthly premiums—which are the most popular—they wind up with high deductibles and copays.2 Fortunately, there are ways individuals responsible for buying their own health insurance can round out their benefits and reduce their out-of-pocket exposure. Our latest video introduces three supplemental insurance products that can help.

It can be helpful to determine your overall health care needs and budget for any given year. Then, look at various product benefits to see which can help reduce what you pay out of pocket for health care. Get quotes and put together a benefits package that makes sense for you and your family.

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