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5 Reasons to Have an RX Paycard
Jenifer Dorsey
2018-09-12 May 18th, 2015 |
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Chances are you’ll need prescription drugs at some point. Some medications can be very costly. The IHC Group has an option: Its discount RX Pay Card.

Accepted by over 55,000 pharmacies throughout the U.S., the RX Pay Card offers a 4-tier system with drugs from generic to brand-name, with costs starting at $10. You don’t need to buy another product from The IHC Group to purchase it, and child-only enrollment is accepted.

Brad Waldrop is Vice President of Sales with IHC Specialty Benefits, a subsidiary of The IHC Group. Below, are his 5 reasons  to have an RX Pay Card:

  1. The price point is very affordable. Rates start at under $20 a month, making the RX Pay Card a cost-effective option to the high-cost exposure of “going bare,” Waldrop says.
  2. The unique copay structure takes the guesswork out of what you’ll pay.  “Unlike many discount prescription drug programs, the RX Pay Card has budget-friendly, set copayments on many common discount and brand-name drugs,” he states.
  3. The online formulary, where you can see what your costs could be before you go to the pharmacy, empowers you to make intelligent buying decisions. “By seeing the cost differences between selecting a generic prescription drug versus a brand-name prescription drug, you can determine the best value,” he explains.
  4. It’s guarantee issue. That means a pre-existing condition will not rule you out. “No matter what health situation you might happen to have, the RX Pay Card is available without qualifying medical questions,” states Waldrop.
  5. It’s the perfect complement to an ACA plan which does not have a prescription drug benefit. The RX Pay Card completes the package when individuals elect the ACA bronze plan, says Waldrop, “so you can enjoy a cost-effective prescription plan that may protect you when you face high-cost medication usage.”

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Originally Published On May 18th, 2015