How a Critical Illness Insurance Policy Can Help After a Heart Attack

Jenifer Dorsey
July 19th, 2019 February 14th, 2017 |
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Get help with the high costs of hospitalization – Fixed indemnity benefits may be paid per day, week, month, visit or event.

Get additional lump sum cash benefits to supplement your major medical policy for qualifying illnesses.

Cancer, major organ failure, paralysis; it’s difficult for anyone to imagine being diagnosed with one of these serious conditions—conditions for which many critical illness plans include benefits.

How hospital + critical illness insurance plans work

Heart conditions, however, can hit closer to home. Consider this:

Critical illness plans sold through include lump-sum benefits for cardiovascular conditions and procedures including:

♥ Heart attack

♥ Coronary bypass

♥ Angioplasty

♥ Stroke

You can use these lump-sum payments for medical bills, experimental treatments, childcare, transportation, living expenses and more—you get to decide.

How much does a hospital plan cost?

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Between American Heart Month and Valentine’s Day, February is all about heart. It’s a good time to remember that critical illness plans can help them pay for out-of-pocket medical bills should one of the above cardiovascular incidents occur, possibly helping you and those they love have more time to focus on getting well.


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Originally Published On February 14th, 2017
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