Why Short Term Insurance? Top 5 Reasons to Get a Temporary Health Plan

Jenifer Dorsey
January 20th, 2020 May 22nd, 2018 |
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Find out if you qualify for temporary coverage for emergencies and hospitalization – Don’t go uninsured between major medical plans.

Maybe you’re in an employer waiting period for benefits. Or perhaps you’re uninsured and don’t qualify for a special enrollment period. For one reason or another, you’ve got a gap in health insurance coverage.

So, what now? Do you wait it out? Or, should you get short term health insurance?

Temporary coverage may be a good idea, but it’s ultimately up to you to decide. That said, we’d be happy to give you 5 key reasons to apply and enroll in short term health insurance.

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1. Protect your finances from unexpected medical bills

Sure, it can be tempting to go without coverage for a little while and save money, especially if times are tight. After all, the odds may seem small that you’ll break a bone or require emergency surgery in the month or two you’re uninsured, but that’s the nature of unexpected medical situations: you can’t anticipate them.

Should you become sick or injured while you’re uninsured, are you prepared to pay for potentially high-dollar healthcare services entirely out of pocket? If not, a short term plan may help.

Short term health insurance includes a range of benefits for medical expenses related to emergency room visits, surgical services, inpatient and outpatient hospital care, intensive care and more. And while actual benefits vary by plan, some policies even include limited benefits for certain pre-existing conditions.

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2. Buy temporary insurance, start coverage tomorrow

When you need health benefits now, you’re outside of the Obamacare open enrollment period, and you don’t qualify for special enrollment, you don’t have to wait.

There are no open enrollment periods for short term health insurance. You can shop online 24/7 without much time or effort.

  • Get a quote in seconds by providing a few personal details such as your date of birth.
  • Apply within minutes; simply fill out an application and answer a handful of medical questions to determine your eligibility.
  • Begin coverage as soon as the next day after you enroll and pay your premium.

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3. Monthly premiums typically cost less than Obamacare

What is considered affordable depends on the individual. However, if you’re looking to spend less on benefits, then you will likely find short term premiums cost a fraction of major medical premiums. Here’s a sample rate comparison:

ACA vs. Short Term Health Insurance Premiums Comparison

Average ACA Premium[1] Average Short Term Premium[2] Monthly Savings
Individual $393 $109 $284
Family $1,021 $264 $757

If you’re wondering why short term health insurance is so “cheap,” then it’s important to understand that these plans are not subject to the Affordable Care Act so are not required to be as comprehensive. Instead, temporary coverage is designed to help with unexpected, higher-dollar claims.

4. You choose your level of commitment + coverage

With mandates such as essential health benefits and certain preventive care services at no additional cost, an ACA plan covers a wide range of services to cover a wide range of healthcare needs. But what if you don’t have all those needs?

With short term health insurance, you’ve got choices, including:

  • Policy length. Short term plans last 30 to 364 days depending on the duration limits in your state.
  • Added benefits. You can purchase a bare bones short term policy for truly catastrophic situations, but there are ways to scale up your benefits. There are many different types of short term plans, including those with more robust benefits extending to certain preventive care services or pre-existing health conditions.
  • Customizable plan designs. As with other types of insurance, for short term health insurance, you will often pay higher monthly premiums for lower deductibles and vice versa. Compare various temporary coverage options, and makes selections related to copayment, deductible and coinsurance to help arrive at a plan that balances costs and benefits to your liking.

How much will a short term plan cost you? Compare your options and find out now.

5. Keep your preferred healthcare provider

You may be concerned that you’ll have to switch doctors when you buy temporary coverage or that you’ll have extremely limited options when it comes to using your benefits.

You can be assured that most healthcare providers accept short term health insurance just as they do major medical insurance. And, most short term policies allow you to choose what doctors and hospitals you visit without network restrictions. That said, many short term plans partner with preferred provider organizations to provide discounted services if you utilize in-network care. The choice is yours.

Always read over plan brochures and your policy to learn about network restrictions, covered services and other details. If you have any questions, contact the plan’s member services department.

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Or, if you’ve got questions before you make your plan selection, call the number on your screen to speak with a licensed agent or use Agent Finder to find a short term insurance broker near you.

Looking for more reasons why short term health insurance is a good idea? Read our Complete Beginner’s Guide.


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