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Dental Insurance

You want to find an affordable dental plan to help with oral healthcare costs. We’ve got dental coverage in a range of options to suit your budget as well as your dental needs.

What is Dental Insurance?

Benefits for dental care across the spectrum

Dental plans help individuals and families pay for a range of oral health services, from preventive care such as routine exams and cleanings to basic and major care such as fillings, extractions and root canals. Select a plan design that makes sense for you.

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Coverage Levels

One size doesn’t fit all. Choose from budget-friendly plans focused on preventive care to those for folks who visit the dentist more often.


Network Options

Choose flexibility. Pick a PPO plan with discounts from participating providers or an indemnity plan without network restrictions.

Critical Illness

Added Benefits

Enhance your plan. Where available, you can bundle a dental plan with vision benefits to help pay for eye care and lenses.

How Dental Insurance Works

Why Buy a Dental Plan?

Cut the cost of caring for teeth and gums

Your oral health is part of your overall health, and dental insurance helps pay for dental care important to maintaining wellness. Designed with preventive care in mind, dental plans often include benefits for low-cost or no-cost cleanings and routine exams. What you pay in premium may be less than you’d pay out of pocket for a single visit.

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Think Prevention

Visiting the dentist for routine care may help you avoid more expensive services.


Be Prepared

To take advantage of covered care, buy dental insurance before you need it.

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Plan for a Lifetime

Dental plans are available to people of all ages, because healthy smiles are timeless.