Will I be able to afford health insurance in 2019?

Major medical insurance rates for 2019 will be finalized when 2019 open enrollment begins on Nov. 1, 2018. You may be able to find preliminary premiums for certain areas beforehand. Organizations such as the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation track insurer filings ahead of open enrollment; you can view the Kaiser Family Foundation’s “Tracking 2019 Premium Changes on ACA Exchanges” analysis here.

Only you can determine whether or not health insurance plans in your area are what you consider to be affordable. You may want to shop around and compare ACA-compliant major medical insurance as well as non-ACA-compliant coverage options.

You may qualify for a premium tax credit to help lower your monthly premium when you purchase major medical insurance from HealthCare.gov or a state-based health insurance exchange.

Use our calculator to estimate your tax credit for 2019.

Learn about some coverage options when you don’t qualify for a subsidy.

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