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Tips to sell dental

Bob Johnson’s first pointer on selling dental insurance from The IHC Group is very basic: Suggest it.

“First and foremost, I think it’s important to simply just offer it, not forget about it,” says Johnson, regional sales director with IHC Specialty Benefits. “That’s the biggest tip out there. You cast 100 times, you’re gonna catch something.”

Ramp up your own dental sales with Johnson’s tip, and 5 more from him below:

  1. Enjoy rewards for little set-up and service. “Dental is a low-service product with a good compensation in there that can help build new revenue lines,” Johnson explains. “Our marketplace sales platform (link) makes it easy to sell, with a ‘check the box’ opportunity.”
  2. Cross-sell. “If someone is buying a short term plan, or a Metal Gap plan, I can simply check the box and add individual dental in one sale and have the enrollment done,” says Johnson.
  3. Promote its importance. “I don’t need car insurance, unless I have an accident. I don’t need home insurance, until my house is on fire,” Johnson states.” Unfortunately, that’s the way a lot of people look at individual dental plans. I don’t know how many calls I get, that our agents get, from individuals wanting dental, because they just went to the dentist: ‘I have to a get root canal done,’ or, ‘I have to get a crown.’ And it’s too late (due to the waiting period). It’s a matter of having that discussion about why an agent wants to sell (dental) today, even though it’s not yet needed.”
  4. Discuss dental in all sales appointments.  Agents can be single-focused, said Johnson, scheduling appointments to sell just one product.  But, he adds, “If you’re going on a sales call, you should have a checklist of everything--every product in your arsenal--including IHC Dental.”
  5. It’s budget-friendly…talk it up. “Make sure that the consumer is aware that dental can be affordable,” Johnson says. “For a very low cost, you can have one person and spouse and entire family insured.”

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