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Group Health Insurance

You want to offer employee benefits that are affordable and easy to implement. Your employees want benefits that are affordable and easy to understand. We’ve got everyone covered with group products thoughtfully designed to address a range of employer and employee needs.

Simple, Cost-Effective Health Plans for Businesses Like Yours

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Self-Funded Health Plans

Simplified Funding Concepts (SFC)

Looking for an alternative to fully insured health plans—one that both meets the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate requirements and is governed by federal law under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA)? SFC, a self-funded health plan coordinated with stop-loss protection, may be the solution.

  • Available to groups of 10 to 50 employees
  • Comes in a variety of plan designs, including high-deductible HSA-qualified and Rx options
  • Includes third-party plan administration and stop-loss insurance coverage through a highly rated carrier
  • Allows a single monthly payment to be applied to the claims account, plan administrative expenses and stop-loss insurance program
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Link Group Gap

High-deductible health plans can help employers and employees keep monthly premiums affordable, but the deductibles themselves can result in high out-of-pocket costs when medical care is needed. Link group gap is supplemental coverage that can help when paired with a group major medical insurance plan.

  • Available to groups of 2 or more
  • Provides first-dollar benefits for hospitalizations, inpatient and outpatient surgery, as well as tests such as MRIs
  • Includes a range of coinsurance and maximum-benefit amounts as well as traditional or HSA-compatible Link plans
  • No medical underwriting, no pre-existing condition limits, easy implementation and affordable
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Hospital and Doctor

Perq Fixed Indemnity

Whether or not your employees have major medical insurance, it is likely they all face concerns over paying for healthcare. Perq, an employer-sponsored fixed indemnity plan, can help employers enrich their benefits offerings and reduce employee out-of-pocket spending.

  • Available to all employees in a group of 2 or more—even those without major medical coverage or who are not eligible for traditional group benefits
  • Pays lump-sum benefits in the event of unexpected medical care, including hospital room and board, emergency room treatment, ambulance services and more
  • May be offered to all employees, either on its own or paired with major medical or self-funded insurance plans; an HSA-compatible option is also available
  • Includes six unique plan designs, a critical care benefit and no deductible
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Group Dental


Who doesn’t want a healthy smile? Essential to any group benefits package, dental insurance is designed to encourage employees and their families maintain healthy teeth and gums. Our dental help make routine dental care more affordable and lessen the out-of-pocket impact from procedures such as fillings and root canals.

  • Available to employer groups of two or more
  • Includes network (PPO) or non-network (indemnity) options
  • Optional vision benefits
  • Customizable with waiting periods, employee choice for groups of five+ enrolled, and more