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Health Insurance Calculator

You may qualify for a premium tax credit to help you buy health insurance in 2018, or even an exemption from mandatory participation in Obamacare depending on your household income.

This 2018 health insurance calculator estimates your tax credit (health insurance subsidy) and your ACA penalty for non-participation in an ACA-compliant health insurance plan. A health insurance subsidy may help to lower the amount of your high-deductible health plan premium.

Reading your results:

If you are not subsidy-eligible but will not receive a tax penalty:
Being uninsured can still affect you financially in the case of a serious illness or accident. Shop now for affordable alternative plans like our Hospital Plan or Medical Bundle. For more assistance, contact a licensed advisor today.

If you have no tax credit (health insurance subsidy):
You can still get quality coverage at an affordable price. Shop Now or contact an advisor for options.

If you are eligible for a tax credit (health insurance subsidy), call the phone number referenced to guide you through the enrollment process.