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Health Insurance Open Enrollment

We've got all the health insurance information and resources you need for 2018 open enrollment.

How to Navigate Open Enrollment for Health Insurance in 6 Steps

Changes to your income and lifestyle, along with the ever-changing health insurance markets and regulations, mean that the right coverage last year may not cut it this year.

Don’t worry – if you’re an individual looking to obtain ACA-qualifying health insurance coverage for yourself or your family, we’ve got a clear step-by-step plan to help you get the coverage you need while avoiding extra costs and penalties.

ACA/Obamacare Tools

Use these tools to help compare plans and find the right health insurance coverage.



Get quick answers to your Obamacare questions


Subsidy Calculator

Find out if you qualify for a subsidy or exemption


Metal Levels

The complete guide to bronze, silver, gold + platinum plans


Terminology Cheat Sheet

A plain language guide to health insurance terminology


Essential Health Benefits Guide

Find out what benefits are required for ACA-qualifying plans


Deductibles 101

Learn how to compare out-of-pocket expenses

More on the Affordable Care Act

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Get 2018 Health Insurance Coverage Today

Remember, open enrollment ends December 15, 2017. Don’t wait! Get in touch with a knowledgeable health insurance advisor today to find out how to get affordable coverage – especially if you don’t qualify for a subsidy and are facing a high-deductible major medical plan.


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