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It's time to start planning for unexpected medical expenses.

Should I Buy a Hospital Indemnity or Short Term Medical Plan?

Find a solution that works for you now, later or both

Whether you enroll in a CAP or short term medical (STM) plan depends on your coverage needs. Are you looking for long term or temporary benefits? CAP can help with smaller claims throughout the year, while STM can help protect against larger claims for a limited time. Looking for both? Consider Fusion [LINK to Fusion page]. CAP offers:

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Affordable options

Select $0 deductible for benefits from day one or pick a deductible plan for lower premiums.


No open enrollment

Sign up for CAP year-round, whenever you decide it’s time.

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A long-term solution

Unlike an STM plan, CAP is not limited to a max of 90 days. Plus, it’s guaranteed renewable.