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Fixed Indemnity Plan Bundles

Are you financially prepared to pay healthcare bills while you’re in between major medical plans? Fusion allows you and your family to pair hospital, surgical and critical illness fixed insurance benefits with a short term health plan that helps protect against larger expenses.

What is Fusion?

Plan for the unexpected right now

Fusion is a fixed benefit indemnity plan—a type of supplemental insurance that is also referred to as a hospital indemnity plan. This coverage pays fixed benefit amounts that help you and your family pay for covered medical expenses resulting from hospitalization, surgery, chemotherapy and radiation services.

Short term medical

A Plan for Simplicity

Skip the math. Fusion pays defined fixed benefits regardless of what your providers charge for medical services.


Benefits Without Delay

Forget waiting periods. Choose one of three Fusion plans that provide daily benefits from your first day of coverage.

Critical Illness

No Open Enrollment

Get covered anytime. Fusion is available year-round, and you can even keep it once you obtain major medical insurance.

How Fusion Works

Why Pair Fusion with Fusion STM?

Think short-term, long-term benefits

Unexpected medical expenses can range from relatively minor to relatively catastrophic, and you can incur them anytime, whether you’re uninsured for a day or a year. When you combine a Fusion hospital indemnity plan with a Fusion short term medical insurance plan, you gain access to benefits that cover the claims spectrum.

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Fusion Hospital Indemnity

Daily benefits for each covered illness or injury + a $15,000 critical illness benefit.


Fusion Short Term Medical

$2 million maximum benefit in case of serious injury or illness.

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