Health Insurance in New Hampshire

Do you qualify for a subsidy for health insurance?

You could get help buying a comprehensive major medical plan from the public marketplace. Use the Obamacare Calculator now to find out your subsidy amount and learn about other options you can consider if you don’t qualify.

Has the Federal ACA tax penalty been eliminated? Yes!

Beginning January 1, 2019, the Federal tax penalty for not obtaining major medical insurance will no longer be enforced. That means you have more options for health insurance coverage (such as short term health insurance) that isn’t ACA qualifying and doesn’t cover essential health benefits. 

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Alternative Health Insurance in New Hampshire

Whether you missed open enrollment and don’t qualify for a special enrollment period or simply prefer non-Obamacare health insurance, individual alternative health insurance can help with out-of-pocket expenses for qualifying events if you get sick or injured.

Short Term Health Insurance in New Hampshire

Available for 30 to 364 days per year depending on your state (not available in some states), short term health insurance has more restricted coverage than major medical and generally lower premiums. However, if you’re between jobs or simply want a minimal health insurance plan, short term medical may be a good option.

  • Apply 365 days a year
  • Quick and convenient quote – apply – enroll process (buy online now, subject to approval by the carrier).
  • Not qualifying minimum essential coverage for Obamacare

 Learn more about short term health insurance.


Think a short term healthcare plan may be right for you?

The quote and enroll process for short term medical takes just a few minutes. Apply today – enjoy coverage tomorrow if you qualify as coverage is not guaranteed issue!

Supplemental Health Insurance in New Hampshire

Supplemental health insurance provides additional benefits for high out-of-pocket expenses in the event of a covered accident or critical illness. In many cases, these plans work alongside your major medical insurance and do not coordinate with other health benefit plans.


Dental Insurance in New Hampshire

Don’t have dental insurance through your employer or ACA plan? Oral health contributes to overall health. Dental plans can help cover routine cleanings and exams at or near 100%. Plus, gain access to benefits that help pay for unforeseen care such as fillings or crowns.

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Insurance Add-Ons in New Hampshire

Add-ons to health insurance can help close gaps in your healthcare coverage.

Telemedicine in New Hampshire

Skip the waiting room and high-cost visits to the doctor for minor ailments like cold, flu and ear infections.

Telemedicine provides access to licensed physicians 24/7 via virtual doctor’s visits from the comfort of your home.

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Rx Discount Card in New Hampshire

Spend less at the pharmacy with a discount drug card program. You and your family can access savings for a range of brand name and generic prescriptions at point-of-purchase.

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