Health Insurance in Virginia

Do you qualify for a subsidy for health insurance?

You could get help buying a comprehensive major medical plan from the public marketplace. Use the Obamacare Calculator now to find out your subsidy amount and learn about other options you can consider if you don’t qualify.

Alternative Health Insurance in Virginia

Whether you missed open enrollment and don’t qualify for a special enrollment period or simply prefer non-Obamacare health insurance, individual alternative health insurance can help with out-of-pocket expenses for qualifying events if you get sick or injured.

Hospital Insurance in Virginia

If you require hospitalization due to a critical illness or injury, you will want help paying for hospital room and board, inpatient prescriptions, and ambulance services.

Hospital insurance can supplement your major medical plan by providing additional lump-sum benefits.

  • Apply and enroll 365 days a year
  • Does not coordinate benefits with other insurance plans
  • No annual or lifetime benefits limit
  • Not qualifying minimum essential coverage for Obamacare

Learn more about hospital indemnity insurance.


Think a hospital insurance plan may be right for you?

Answer a couple of basic questions about yourself, then choose from multiple plan options with a range of premiums to find one that fits your budget.

Health + Medical Discounts in Virginia

A health and medical discount plan can help you save money on the cost of healthcare services and products that may not be covered by your traditional health insurance. They may also provide access to complementary services like telemedicine. Medical discount programs are not insurance.


Health Discount Program in Virginia

There is no waiting period to begin using a health discount program and everyone is accepted. You can even use discounts for your entire family. Remember, medical discount programs are not insurance. The types of discounts and services available may include:

  • Telemedicine – Get a virtual visit from a board-certified physician in the comfort of your home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • Prescription Drug Discounts – Save on the retail price of generic and brand name drugs.
  • Home-Use Medical Supplies Discounts – Save on durable medical supplies like beds, walkers, wheelchairs, insulin pumps and more.
  • Healthcare Specialist Discounts – If your health insurance doesn’t provide coverage, you could pay less when you visit a dietician, chiropractor, or physical therapist (to name a few).
  • Complementary and Alternative Care Discounts – Get discounts when you seek integrative and holistic healthcare like acupuncture, music therapy and therapeutic massage.
  • Administration, Referral and Negotiation Services – Get help navigating the world of healthcare, including support with negotiating medical bills and reviewing diagnoses.

Sign up for health and medical discounts today.