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Connect Plus

When you’re looking for temporary insurance for pre-existing conditions, Connect Plus is the only plan you’ll find that offers limited pre-existing condition coverage—and it’s available here.

Why Connect Plus? Get a Short-Term Health Plan with Pre-existing Condition Coverage

Short-term health insurance plans don’t typically cover pre-existing conditions—prior healthcare issues that appear in your medical history.

Until now.

Enter Connect Plus, a short-term health insurance plan that provides a limited benefit for certain pre-existing conditions. This plan, offered by The IHC Group, is the first of its kind—no other carriers sell this in the short-term medical market today.

Connect Plus Short-Term Health Insurance

Who It's For:

Individuals, Couples, Families, Child-Only

Policy Length:

30—90 days

Deductible Range:


Coinsurance Options:

20%, 30%, 50%

Maximum Benefit:


Bundle with Other Products

Enroll year-round

Pre-Existing Condition Coverage*

Guaranteed Issue

Guaranteed Renewable

Minimal Essential Coverage

* This is a limited benefit for certain pre-existing conditions. See policy for details.

Available in These States:




















North Dakota




South Carolina

South Dakota



West Virginia


Who Should Buy Connect Plus?

Who should buy connect plus

Connect Plus may be a good fit if you:

  • Want a temporary health insurance plan with access to limited pre-existing condition coverage
  • Would like to save money on monthly premiums compared with an ACA plan
  • Don’t mind paying a slightly higher premium (than standard short-term medical premiums) for added benefits
  • Live in a state where Connect Plus is available (see top of page)

Think Connect Plus may be right for you? Call the number on your screen to speak with a knowledgeable advisor and get all your questions answered, or begin the quote and enroll process now to compare multiple plans.

What Pre-Existing Conditions Does Connect Plus Cover?

If you qualify, Connect Plus provides up to a maximum benefit of $25,000 for eligible healthcare expenses related to pre-existing conditions.

Pre-existing conditions are defined as:

Any medical condition or sickness for which medical advice, care, diagnosis, treatment, consultation or medication was recommended or received from a doctor within 5 years preceding your effective date of coverage; or symptoms within 5 years immediately prior to the coverage that would cause a reasonable person to seek diagnosis, care or treatment. The time period may vary by state.

Specific pre-existing conditions are subject to review and approval during the application process, but examples of covered pre-existing medical conditions include asthma, allergies or broken bones.

How do you find out if your pre-existing condition is covered? Begin the quote and enroll process now (pre-existing conditions are included on the health history questionnaire), or call the number on your screen to speak with an advisor.

How Does Connect Plus Work?

When it comes to buying coverage, receiving care and getting claims paid, Connect Plus works like other short-term health insurance plans.


You apply for a Connect Plus plan, including answering a short health history questionnaire. Once approved, you pay a monthly premium and begin coverage on your selected effective date.


When you need healthcare, you visit a provider who accepts temporary coverage and present your insurance card. The healthcare provider will file the claim.


Your Connect Plus plan will pay its portion of covered expenses. You will be billed for the remaining costs, subject to your plan’s deductible and coinsurance amounts.

Let’s look at an example that shows how Connect Plus can help relieve some of the financial burden associated with a high-cost medical event.

In this scenario, the individual covered incurs a claim of $30,000 related to a pre-existing condition. Their Connect Plus plan has the following policy benefits:

$5,000 | 50/50% coinsurance | $2,000 out-of-pocket maximum (after deductible)

First Claim: Eligible/Allowed Amount = $30,000 Plan Pays Insured Pays
Claim capped at $25,000 maximum benefit $0 $5,000
Deductible $5,000 (per policy period) $0 $5,000
Coinsurance 50/50 up to out-of-pocket maximum of $2,000 (per policy period) $18,000 $2,000
Total $18,000 $12,000

The pre-existing condition benefit has now been exhausted, as it is limited to a single claim up to $25,000.

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How Does Connect Plus Compare With Standard Short-Term Plans?

At a high level Connect Plus is similar to other temporary coverage. All plans share the following features:

  • Customizable. You select the plan duration from 30 to 90 days as well as the deductible, coinsurance amounts and more.
  • Flexible. You may be able to keep your preferred healthcare provider, as most plans do not have provider network limitations. Some offer the option of discounted care when you use affiliated network providers.
  • Available now. Apply year-round. No open enrollment period. Start coverage as early as the day after your application has been approved.

The biggest difference between Connect Plus and traditional short-term health plans is in the benefits, including what you pay and what the plan pays. The following comparison chart highlights the key similarities and differences.

  Standard Short-Term Medical Connect Plus Short-Term Medical
Coverage Duration 30 to 90 days 30 to 90 days
Cost $-$$ $$$
Pre-Existing Conditions Covered No $25,000
Office Visit Copay $50 $50
Deductible $1,000 to $5,000 $2,000 to $10,000
Coverage Period Max Benefit Amount $750,000 to $2 million $2 million

How to Get Connect Plus

Save on your monthly health costs and experience peace of mind knowing your new insurance plan includes some benefits for pre-existing conditions.

After you complete a short quote form, you’ll get multiple plan options to choose from, including Connect Plus. Ready to go?

Want to speak to a professional health insurance advisor to get personalized guidance or help bundling multiple plans? Call the number on your screen.